Shibarium Zoomed Out, Shibacals: Authenticated Collectibles, Shiba on Champion Garments, and the Upcoming Worldpaper

With the efforts of the Shibacals team, we have gained the rights to create Shiba Inu merchandise on Champion Apparel ...

Shibarium Zoomed Out, Shibacals: Authenticated Collectibles, Shiba on Champion Garments, and the Upcoming Worldpaper
ShibArmy Strong!
"The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand." - Sun Tzu, The Art of War


Throughout my unconventional career, I have served a multitude of organizations, yet there is an unparalleled sense of fulfillment that comes from observing a decentralized group of developers bring a project to fruition. As the decentralized teams near completion of Shibarium where $BONE will prove its utility as gas token for the L2 blockchain, I am often caught in reflective contemplation on the vast implications of Ryoshi's Vision, and the profound meaning held within its impending realization.

Although I understand and respect the community's eager inquiry of "WEN", I've been delving deeper; seeking answers to more profound questions imperative to the perfection of a system primed for DEFI supremacy, account abstraction, global synergy, blockchain gaming, multiple digital (MV & Hub) and actual territories, international collective governance, decentralized entertainment, powerful A.I., Food & Beverage, incredible oracles, and the unique potential for value generation for the entire ShibArmy.

Zoom Out Frens

My efforts have been devoted to constructing a truly decentralized world that will not go quietly into the night as the fudders would make you believe. In this effort, I am successful. In other words, very soon. Read on for my current estimate...


In the potent, decentralized world we are crafting, the establishment of trust is vital. Trust in words, actions, and entities. This necessitates various systems within Shibarium that instill trust, and in the tangible layer of this system, the IRL layer, it is imperative to have "authenticated collectibles". Real-world, authenticated collectibles.

This is worth emphasizing: The NFT craze is, in part, due to the verifiable ownership and scarcity that digital items on the blockchain offer. But, what about physical objects? As mass adoption unfolds (preferably on Shibarium), and scammers move from wallets to tangible items, how we will authenticate  these items?

This is where Shibacal's "Authenticated Collectibles" come into the picture.


Shibacals: Authenticated Collectibles

To truly appreciate the impact of this new and novel piece of the "Shiba Inu Ecosystem" and comprehend its workings, we must dissect what constitutes a collectible. Typically, a collectible possesses several of the following ten characteristics:

  1. Scarcity: Rarity or difficulty in obtaining boosts an item's collectibility.
  2. Condition: Items in pristine condition, especially aged ones, hold greater value than worn-out or damaged ones.
  3. Demand: An item becomes increasingly collectible as its desirability grows.
  4. Historical Significance: Items with historical import or linked to a notable person or event can be highly sought after. (of note but I digress)
  5. Authenticity: Collectibles must be authentic. Forgeries or replicas may resemble the original but generally hold far less value.
  6. Aesthetic Appeal: Items may be collected for their beauty or interesting visuals.
  7. Age: Age can influence an item's collectibility, but older doesn't always equate to more desirable.
  8. Connection to a Brand or Franchise: Items tied to popular brands, franchises, or characters often attain collectible status.
  9. Intrinsic Value: Items like gold coins or diamond jewelry have inherent value based on the materials they are made from.
  10. Completeness: Complete sets of items often command higher value.

Shibacals zeroes in on factors #5 and #6, fostering an authentication layer that supercharges the concept of collectibility. While not a new concept, eBay, for example, authenticates watches, sneakers, and purses, and rumors of Amazon's foray into NFTs abound; Our unique approach of digital authentication of physical items through an NFC chip, creation of the items in house, and blockchain transaction sets us apart and demonstrates just one use-case for Shibarium.  These NFC chips can link to dynamic destinations setting up a myriad possibilities that are ideal for businesses. This also means that for those who are creators, say people who sell on ETSY or have their own website for creating products, can simply add a Shibacal NFC tag and decide how they want to use this tag for their creations. You are witnessing yet another industry first.

One more thing that's of note: If collectibles by Shibacals will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks for completion, as they are high-quality and hand made (in most cases), and the NFC chips that authenticate them require Shibarium... oh well, I digress. (Sidenote: Prototypes are already created, tested and being sent to some frens for modeling purposes! Good job Shibacal team!)


Let's destroy some fud! Although it is our focus, this service isn't just for Shibarium. I hope you can appreciate why establishing an authentication layer for physical items that anyone in crypto can use is an indispensable service we should offer. The potential is boundless, and any crypto community, from Bitcoin Ordinals to your preferred sh...uh alt-coin, can leverage this service to rapidly boost engagement through the production of authenticated collectibles. In fact, we are already in discussions with multiple blockchains to adopt this authentication, as the Shibacals team can make high-quality authenticated collectibles for any company, chain, team, NFT project, or person! This, ultimately, helps get the word out  about SHIB and build deep bonds for interoperability, which is necessary for Shibarium! So if you hear that another top 10 to top 200 blockchain adopts Shibacals Authenticated Collectibles, don't fret, it's all part of the plan to support the entire crypto community and world.

The team at Shibacals invites everyone to build with them as they are a tool to support Shibarium, the web 3/crypto community, and world at large. Don’t fall for copycat websites or Twitter claims from unofficial sources. DYOR; Follow our official products and support the projects you think are worthy! Official links: Twitter: @shibacals

Moreover, let's dispel another myth, Shibacals, and myself in particular, do not endorse any project you see the team make authenticated collectibles for, unless the official accounts, or official team of Sentinel, 4ward, and Phoenix directly note this. Remember we're providing a service that anyone can use. Once again DYOR!!


At first I thought pinging Champion everyday on Twitter was a bad idea, but I was proven wrong! That's right. 500+ days later, the Shibacals team have a wonderful initiative that highlights the spirit of SHIB! With the efforts of the Shibacals team, we have gained the rights to create Shiba Inu merchandise on Champion Apparel (thank you!) and through Shibacals, we will authenticate these first ever collector's items through our Authentication Tags & NFC chips!

I have to mention and thank Hewlett Packard who have created, through their amazing printing service, the first batch of Shibacals, Shib themed, NFC Authentication Tags. They look amazing!

Shibacals, Shiba Inu Themed NFC Tags printed by Hewlett Packard

We will place these tags on these first edition hoodies and already have hundreds of pre-orders. But a question prevails, what designs should we create? To answer this let's discuss the contest!


Stage 1:  Design Submissions

We are accepting 3 designs from the Shiba Inu community as two are assigned to the leaders of the pack, @Shib_Head and SirShibsAlot (@theshiblife)!  Go ahead and get your submissions ready!

Stage 2:  Design Selection

The team at Shibacals will select 3 designs per category to be voted upon by the Shiba Inu community as a whole.

Judging criteria will be based on the following criteria

• How cool is it?
• How does it represent the Shiba Inu Ecosystem?
• Creativity!
• Originality!

The top 12 move on to the next round...

Stage 3:  Design Voting

Each design will be voted by the Shiba Ecosystem tentatively within the Shibarium Tech discord. You can join here:

That's it! Let's see what the community can come up with! Submissions for designs open for 1 week (until 6.28.23).

Good luck! Hoodies are only $75 and available via pre-order on the Shibacals website. Visit for official contest rules and more details as well:  


Now that the final puzzle piece is available, Shibarium is next (with maybe one or two more surprises on the way in between).

Alongside the release of Shibarium, or right before, it'll be time to unveil what I call the "Worldpaper". This is a deep dive into all the aspects of Shib; the ecosystem of tokens, products, platforms, and services including but not limited to Shib, Bone, Leash, Treat and Shhhhh-i and more as noted above. Moreover, it'll explain a long-term plan for full and complete decentralization, our new official partners (and reminder of current ones), and all details you all want and crave. It's a bit different than the Woofpaper as this paper is about "changing (I prefer the word saving... but I digress) the WORLD via decentralization".


In effect, it's the first chapter of a good bye note... as my position, whatever you want to term it, will no longer be necessary as we attain multi-token governance, finalize all Ryoshi checklist items (including Shibacon), complete all initiatives (Shiba Eternity Game, F&B, AI, Dao's, Shibarium etc), and prove to the world that we not only start strong, but finish even stronger.

I look forward to sharing this document, plan, and actualization with you all. Until then frens... #HAILSHIB!