Defining the Future of Shibdentity: Introducing Shib Name Service

Defining the Future of Shibdentity: Introducing Shib Name Service

A New Era Begins on Shibarium

The moment has arrived, marking a milestone in our journey. With bated breath and anticipation, we proudly launch our ambitious venture, Shib Name Service, on Shibarium.

It is our first step towards building Shibdentity, a decentralized identity platform that empowers users to own and control their digital identities.

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The Power of Shib Name Service (SNS)

As part of the Shibdentity ecosystem, we introduce the Shib Name Service (SNS). SNS is a disruptor that brings something special to the table: human-readable addresses. 

No longer will you have to navigate through complex Shibarium addresses. Instead, you can send tokens to your friends and contacts using their unique Shib names. For example, you can send tokens to "bob.shib" instead of a lengthy and confusing wallet address such as 0xCD4C526E9981d690472d1cB85F2ddf08451C4673. Interesting, right?

The Advantages of SNS

Let's delve deeper into the advantages of Shib Name Service:

Human-Readable Addresses

SNS converts complex Shibarium addresses into simple names. This not only makes it easier for individuals to remember their addresses but also enhances the overall user experience.


Operating on the Shibarium blockchain, SNS ensures that there is no central control. The decentralized nature of SNS aligns with our vision of empowering individuals and removing reliance on third-party platforms.


SNS goes beyond supporting Shibarium addresses. It has the potential to be used with other cryptocurrencies and even decentralized websites. This flexibility opens up new possibilities and encourages innovation in the blockchain space.


Built on top of the secure Shibarium platform, SNS inherits robust security features. It ensures that your transactions and interactions are protected, giving you peace of mind.

Reduces Errors

Sending assets to the wrong address can have disastrous consequences. SNS simplifies the process by reducing the risk of errors. With human-readable addresses, the chances of making a mistake are significantly minimized.


SNS is designed to work seamlessly with various apps and services within the Shibarium ecosystem. This interoperability provides a holistic user experience and fosters collaboration between different platforms.


By registering names on a decentralized platform, SNS ensures that they are resistant to centralized control or takedowns. It empowers individuals and protects their identities from censorship.


Shibdentity is more than just a clever play on words; it represents a paradigm shift in the world of decentralized identity solutions. At its core, Shibdentity aims to empower individuals by putting them back in control of their digital identities. It achieves this by providing self-custodial authentication, decentralized verifiable credentials, smart wallets, and adherence to W3C standards for self-sovereign identity.

Why Shibdentity Matters

Now, you might be wondering how SNS ties into the grander scheme of Shibdentity. 

The answer lies in its core principles:

Self-Custodial Authentication

In a world dominated by centralized systems, Shibdentity brings power back to the people. With self-custodial login systems, you will no longer depend on third-party platforms. Whether it's Web3-based wallet authentication or decentralized social logins, you are in control of your digital identity.

Decentralized Verifiable Credentials

With Shibdentity, you can collect and showcase your credentials without needing centralized authority. These verifiable credentials are securely stamped on the blockchain, making them immutable and accessible to anyone who wishes to verify them.

Smart Wallets

We are introducing on-chain self-custodial smart wallets, taking the concept of wallets beyond simple transactions. With enhanced security and complete control over your assets, Shibdentity ensures that buzzwords like "enhanced security" and "complete control" translate into tangible benefits.

W3C Standard Compliance

Shibdentity adheres to the World Wide Web Consortium standards for self-sovereign identity, making it globally recognized and interoperable with other systems. This compliance ensures that your identity is not limited to a specific platform but can be used across various applications and services.

Reputation / Karma System

Your digital identity is closely tied to your reputation, and we acknowledge the importance of trust in the digital realm. With a reputation system integrated into your identity, your good deeds and trustworthiness are recorded, allowing for organic trust-building within the community.

Envisioning The HUB: The Ultimate Super App

SNS and Shibdentity are not standalone projects; they are integral parts of our grander vision: The HUB. 

The HUB aims to be a super app built on the Shibdentity framework. Imagine an ecosystem where decentralized applications (dApps) thrive, interoperability is the norm, and your identity is the key to accessing various services. The HUB will serve as a central point, enabling a seamless, interconnected experience, all while ensuring you have proper control over your data, identity, and assets.

P2P Direct Messaging: Enriching Communication

As part of the Shibdentity ecosystem, peer-to-peer messaging is a core feature that sets a new standard for data privacy. Your conversations remain confidential between you and the recipient, with no centralized entity storing or accessing the messages. This brings several advantages:

Enhanced Privacy

Conversations are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring only the intended recipient can read the messages. It adds an extra layer of privacy and security to your communications.

Reduced Spam

With the Reputation/Karma system integrated into Shibdentity, malicious or spammy users can be filtered out. It ensures your inbox remains relevant and secure, free from unwanted messages.

Direct Connectivity

Messages are transmitted directly between users without any intermediaries. It delivers faster and real-time communication, enhancing the overall user experience.

Integration with Shib Name Service

To make the messaging process intuitive, Shibdentity seamlessly integrates with Shib Name Service. It allows you to easily message someone using their human-readable .shib domain, making the entire process more user-friendly.

How to Get your Shib Name Service

1. Connect Wallet: Start by connecting your wallet to the platform.

2. Search for a Name: Enter the desired name in the search bar and click on 'Buy' when you find a match.

3. Select Purchase Period: Choose the number of years you want to buy the name from the available options.

4. Approve Transaction: A Metamask popup will appear, asking for transaction approval. Go ahead and approve it.

5. Purchase Successful: Once the transaction is successful, you can view your purchased names in the 'My Names' list or view the transaction details on ShibariumScan.

6. Add Multiple Items: If you wish to buy multiple names, simply add them to your cart and proceed to checkout from there.

7. View Your Names: All your purchased names can be viewed on the 'My Names' page. Clicking on a specific name will provide detailed information about the name, the associated NFT, and transaction details.

Please keep in mind that what you currently have is a placeholder – an IOU for reserving your domains. The actual domain launch date is scheduled for Q1 2024.

We hope you are as excited as we are about SNS and Shibdentity. Don't miss this opportunity to secure your name before someone else does. The future is decentralized, secure, and interconnected, and we invite you to be a part of this journey.

Exciting times are ahead! WOOF!